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On this page of our website , we elaborate on all possible forms of cooperation with our company. We are sure that one of them will suit perfectly!

FIRST OPTION  – Exclusive regional franchise holder of SUSHIROLLER.

SECOND OPTION  – exclusive regional manufacturer of sushi in a package «SushiRoller»

THIRD OPTION  – Partnership – Retail investor of SUSHIROLLER.



Exclusive regional franchise holder of SUSHIROLLER.

Franchise partnership is based on two way benefiting contract to provide the expected amount of the return on investment for the franchisee and the planned sales volume in a certain area for the trademark owner.

The franchise offer

Initial payment -10,000 euro

Purchase 10,000 SUSHIROLLER packages.

By purchasing a franchise to a certain region, that is getting exclusive rights, you become the sole manufacturer and distributor of SUSHIROLLER.

Training and Support

- The right to use the trademark “SUSHIROLLER”
- Recommendations made in the development of the design of a project
- Recommendations on turnover, average costs and turnover
- Providing formula and preparation know how of maki.
- Staff training
- Corporate Marketing and advertising program
- Permanent Consulting whilst the agreement is still in place.
- Site of the Company
- Advice on how to set the kitchen up
- The Purchase of products for enterprise with network providers
- Advice on recruiting and training
- Technical assistance and advice before and after opening the project

Next, you can use the three options for work

Option 1

The Franchise – own manufacturing and own retail network

Option 2

The Franchise – manufacturing is done by an outsource and own retail network

Option 3

The Franchise – own manufacturing and attracting partners for the retail network


Exclusive regional manufacturer of SUSHIROLLERs.

Is most suitable for existing companies engaged in Japanese cuisine – especially companies involved in food delivery. You can become a manufacturer of SUSHIROLLER, but it does not make you engage in promotion of the product. In this case, you do not need to claim a franchise, you are working in cooperation with the exclusive franchise holder, which supplies you with the package and takes the finished product. You are only a manufacturer who receives an additional revenue from the market.



Partner – Retail Investor of SUSHIROLLER.

- Sign a contract with an exclusive franchise holder of SUSHIROLLER on the development of retail network .

- Buy the neccesery equipment and trucks for delivery of the SUSHIROLLER.

- Create your own sales network of SUSHIROLLER.

- Sign a contract with the existing points of sales of food, for the supply of equipment and products for the implementation of SUSHIROLLER.


Owner of retail selling points.

If you are a proud owner of a bar ,a bistro ,a small cafe , a small canteen at the university or in the cinema, office center or showroom, anywhere else… This offer is for you!

 You can contact the exclusive regional franchise holder of SUSHIROLLER for placement of commercial equipment in your shop and earn additional income!